Bigg Boss 7: Intimate | Loving | Sexy | Close Pictures, Photos

Watch Bigg Boss 7 - Intimate | Loving | Sexy | Close Pictures, Photos of Tanisha, Armaan, Kamya, Andy, Gauhar, Kushal, Sangram, Shilpa and Aproova.

As mentioned earlier the TV reality show Bigg Boss 7 already under scrutiny of Information & Broadcasting Ministry. The intimacy between the inmates is largely responsible for the controversy.
Public display of affection is common in the house.

Apart from real life couple Shilpa and Apurva, there are many other contestants who have found their new love for the show. Gauhar-Kushan & Tanisha-Armaan do not shy away from hugging and kissing each other on the show.

Even the situation crossed the limit than the host Salman Khan personally has to warned Tanisha and Armaan about the 84 camera that have been installed inside the house to keep a watch on the contestants.

Click to see intimate jiffy of Bigg Boss 7 contestants inside the house.

Tanisha & Armaan Intimate Pictures
Andy & Kamya Intimate Pictures
Andy Kiss to Kamya
Arman hugged Tanishaa
Asif Intimate Pictures
BB7 Hugged, Intimate Picture
Gauhar & Kushal Intimate Picture
Gauhar & Kushal Intimate Pictures
Shilpa and Apurva Kisses Pictures
Gauhar & Kushal Kiss Picture
Tanisha Sexy Pictures
Armaan Kiss Pratuysha Picture

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