Bigg Boss 7: Gauahar & Kamya are very negative: Viveik Mishra

Viveik Mishra, the nude Yoga Guru who was eliminated from Bigg Boss in a surprise midweek eviction on Wednesday, says he is feeling re-energized now.

“I am happy to be in fresh air again. Everything feels so positive again. Andar to sab ke elements upar neeche hai,” he said. So was he expecting such an early eviction? “Not at all!n I felt I would be nominated, but not be evicted so soon. Mere paon ke neeche se zamin nikal gaya,” he added.

He also has problems being portrayed as a crybaby, “Yes, I did shed tears, but that was because I had a fever that particular day and Kushal kept instigating me. I just couldn’t take it after a point of time.”

On being asked about the positive and negative people inside the house, he said that Gauahar and Kamya were very negative. “I can never be friends with Gauahar. She is a beech in person. Meanwhile, Tanisha and Andy are very positive. Andy is a sweetheart,” he signed off.


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