Bigg Boss 7: Day 39 Dramatics Episode Online [Recap]

Bigg Boss 7: Day 39, In the scene yesterday's dramatization proceeds as Kushal devises a workable plan to escape the house. However soon he returns in the house and is called by Bigg Boss in the confession room. Bigg Boss advises Kushal to be patient and soon there will be a choice tackled his and Tanishaa's issue.

Bigg Boss amazes every living soul with a shock removal. Viveik Mishra is removed from the house. Every living soul is stunned.

 Bigg Boss informs all the housemates that Tanishaa was at flaw and she deliberately pushed Kushal. Bigg Boss  tells Kushal that even he was not right in breaking the standard of the house and going out climbing the dividers. Bigg Boss disciplined both of them by assigning them straightforwardly for the following expulsion.

Kushal is not content with Bogg Boss' choice and he takes his sack and begins going out. Bigg Boss calls him to the admission room and lets him know to hold up till Saturday and afterward take the choice. He concurs.

Gauahar demonstrates Kushal that he shouldn't have crossed the divider and headed off to the next side. She lets him know that he has given an opportunity to focus a figure at him.

Bigg Boss asks the winning group to choose who the best
entertainer of the assignment was. Gauahar is chosen as the best entertainer.

Pratyusha and Armaan have a contention over cleaning the utensils. Pratyusha advises Apurva  not to put her with Armaan in any function as she wont have the capacity to work with him. Apurva ask for everybody to sit together and deal with it. Later Armaan tells Apurva thet he and Tanishaa will clean all the utensils and to give Pratyusha some other work.

Bigg Boss gives an alternate intriguing errand and the assignment is to converse with Heaven about their excursion, experience and any grievances  in the Bigg Boss house. Every living soul pours their heart before Heaven. Armaan apologizes for his conduct with Kamya, Andy speaks usually about Armaan and Tanishaa, Kamya gets enthusiastic about the things said by Armaan to her and everybody else impart their experience to Heaven.

Nomintaions happens. Kushal and Tanishaa  get designated by Bigg Boss and rest of the housemates  assign Asif and Elli. So this weeks Nominated competitors are Asif, Elli, Tanishaa and Kushal.

Gauahar gets a reward from Bigg Boss for performing admirably in the
errand. Bigg Boss requests that her head off to the reward room and Gauahar is blissfully shock to see her mother their. Gauahar gets passionate to see her mother.



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