Bigg Boss 7: Day 38 Quick Recap for Full Episode Online

It's another morning in the Bigg Boss house. Armaan is not well as he sprained his neck yesterday while doing the errand. Sangram additionally advises the Apurava (Captain) that he is not well.

Asif lets that know he is "inside" feeling wiped out of which Andy

lets him know that he won't permit him to do exercise too. Asif then lets that know he will do it. Andy lashes out at him saying not to lie only in light of the fact that he would like to do the work. Asif as a contention with Andy and Apurva.

Tanishaa battles with Kushal. Tanishaa accuses Kushal for not doing the allocated work fittingly. Kushal lets her know that she may as well tend to her own personal concerns.

Bigg Box task proceeds and this time the different parts will go
inside the case and the ones which were in their yesterday will attempt and get them out. Kamya, Tanishaa, Asif, Elli and Viveik get inside the case.
Kushal and Sangram begin their diversion by putting each conceivable thing in Tanishaa's box. They put water, junk and cinder in her case.

Ellie can't stand the torture and she turns out. She yells at Sangram

for placing the powder in her case.

Tanishaa is irritated to the compelling and she at last leaves the crate. She pushes Kushal not once yet ordinarily and after that she says she did it by error. Yet every living soul sees that she does that deliberately.

Kushal tells Apurva that Tanishaa got physical with him and that is

against the guideline. Apurva advises Kushal to hold up for at some point for Bigg Boss initiate movement. Kushal and Gauahar sits tight for five hours and after that they remove their mic in protest.

Bigg Boss calls Apurva in the confession room and lets him know to demonstrate Kushal. Apurva turns out and attempt illustrating Kushal and Gauahar. They both wear the mic back however Kushal again converses with the Polaroid and tells Bigg Boss that he will go out if  things are not sorted.

After at some point Kushal go up the wall of the house and cross the wall of the house. Gauhar begins crying and shouts at Kushal letting him not to do this please.

Keep watching to get latest updates of Bigg boss saath saat.


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