Bigg Boss 7: (Day 36) Nominations this week

Bigg Boss 7: Shilpa got evicted from the Bigg Boss house last week's episode but she got power that called “Big Bomb” and she had used the power and to nominate Armaan for this week's eviction nominations.

In a while Bigg Boss gave Apurva to the captain power to nominate one more contestant of the house and he takes Asif’s name.

Furthermore next Bigg Boss called other housemates and asked them two names to nominate except the names of Armaan and Asif.

The rest Bigg boss contestants has voted; an added three more nominations for eviction of this week.

Hence, Here are the list of Five Nominated Contestants of Bigg Boss:
  1. Armaan
  2. Asif
  3. Pratyusha
  4. Tanisha
  5. Vivek

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