Bigg Boss 7: Day 37 Luxury Task: Abuses, Injuries & Tears

In the episode, The housemates wake up to the tune – 'All Is Well' in the morning however there is nothing that is going admirably inside the house. The battles and false impressions that appear to be taking establish in the house once a day are taking a toll on everyone. The main unaffected soul is Heaven who is seen quietly waking Kushal up while he is as of now dozing with his blanket all over.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss reports the extravagance plan assignment for the week. As per the errand, select parts of the house – Pratyusha, Armaan, Kushal, Gauahar and Sangram need to get into a container named with their names and invest most extreme time in their particular boxes. They needed to sit inside the crate when the signal rings and make due inside it work the finish of the assignment.

They were permitted to head off to the washroom however needed to get once again inside the container before long. Rest of the parts were asked to divert and actuate the ones who are inside the container and receive them in return. Kushal is the first to surrender and leave the crate.

The crates were kept in the enclosure region and yet the detainees in the container were asked to

come  inside the house however by creeping while being inside the crate. Gauahar made an endeavor to open the entryway with much exertion and goes into the house accompanied by others.  While they are doing this, different housemates attempt to deceive them to prevent them from going into the house. Andy begins alarming Pratyusha and she blows up by saying that she is getting harmed. She surrenders and leaves the container.

The point when Andy and Kamya are attempting to inconvenience Armaan, he gets irritated and
requests that them once more off.  Agitated by Kamya's conduct, Armaan began misapplying her and cautioned her to quit finishing it immediately. Kamya did not acknowledge Armaan's conduct and begin crying uncontrollably.

Kushal and Andy attempt to quiet her down and asks her not to waste her tears on a man like
Armaan.  She instantly pulls herself together and returns to doing the undertaking. Kushal, Elli, Kamya, Asif and Andy begin strongly slamming into Armaan's box to chafe him. At the same time, Elli gets harm as Armaan makes an endeavor to move.

The point when everyone begin reprimanding him for harming Elli, Armaan gets incensed, exits the container and begins misusing everyone. Tanisha and Apurva attempt to control him yet still he
doesn't stop and still, at the end of the day further provoking Kushal, Asif and Kamya. Apurva tries to placate him however he pushes him back and keeps battling. This while, Tanisha is supporting Armaan and pays no notice to any other person. She chooses to have faith in Armaan and asks everyone to quit faulting him.

The Housemates later choose to blacklist Armaan for his terrible conduct and ask Bigg
Boss to initiate movement. Bigg Boss makes a declaration to illuminate that it was a mishap and Armaan did not do it deliberately. He additionally cautions Armaan to brain his expressions when he is irate and ought not say something that will purposefully harm anyone.

Further, Armaan apologises to Elli by going down on his knees. He additionally apologises to Kamya by touching her feet and breaks down at the same time. Kamya embraces him and lets him know that she didn't prefer what Armaan said yet she will attempt and pardon him.

In the nighttime, when Gauahar and Sangram are as of now doing the undertaking, Asif tries to frighten Gauahar by putting a grasshopper in her container. While he is doing this, Andy and Kamya begin giggling and ask Asif to put a reptile in the container. Gauahar gets terrified further and begins shouting and yelling. She lets them know not to do it and pick something else to do in the errand. The point when Kamya is attempting to put grimy water in Sangram's box, they get into a battle where Kamya says that no one is permitting them to do the assignment and taking everything quite directly.

At mid-night, when Sangram and Gauahar still don't surrender, Kushal and Andy begin placing water in Gauahar's box. Gauahar and Sangram at long last surrender and the other inmates win the task.

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