Day 32 Recap: Everyone in Jannat Now | Wild Card Entry [Photos] - Bigg Boss 7

As per previous episode telecast, Bigg Boss strong-willed to destroy the hell side. And the hell-mates were vacate and through a secret way they were brought into the heavenly side. Everyone was very happy as now they all will be living in the heaven now.

Celebrity yoga teacher Vivek entered the Bigg Boss 7 house as the wild card entry. He introduced himself to others. Tanishaa tells Armaan that Vivek is a clever guy and he will be a tough player. On the other side Kushal, Armaan and Apurva jokes about him. Bigg Boss also tells everyone to see now this house is becoming Jannat or Jahannum by contestants?

Gauahar gets a surprise for Eid. Her mom sent her a dress. The house gets another surprise when Bigg Boss arranges for Eid special delicacies for the house.

Kamya tells Gauahar about Tanishaa and her opinion about her. She mentions that how Tanishaa was telling her that Gauahar was hitting on Armaan. Gauahar is very shocked. Meanwhile Tanisha asks Armaan why Kamya has stopped interacting with him.

Bigg Boss gives the luxury budget to the housemates. But they fail to make their list of the things which they want on time. So as a punishment Bigg Boss cancels there luxury budget.(Click to watch)

Gauahar and Shilpa talks on how Tanishaa and Armaan have lost all their friends in the house and now its 11 vs 2. Meanwhile Kamya comes in fuming when she sees Tanishaa and Armaan together in the smoking zone at the same time.

Tanishaa brings up an old issue and tries to sort it out with Shilpa. She also calls Kamya. Kamya is surprised that Tanisha is still stuck on such an old issue. Shilpa tells Tanishaa that it doesn’t matter to her if she is talking to her or not.

Kamya asks Armaan why Tanishaa is talking on his behalf. If he has anything against anyone he should personally talk to them. Armaan tells her he hasn’t asked anyone to talk for him. Kamya and Armaan have a fight.

Kamya talks to Gauahar and others about Tanishaa and Armaan. She tells it Armaan in the whole house who talks behind the back of every one.


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