Bigg Boss 7 (Day 22) Asif and Kushal fight over Gauahar

After Anita Advani's passageway from the house, the paradise mates were seen discussing the nourishment requests from hellfire that have been expanding step by step. Explaining on the same, they said that the Jahannum wasis request nourishment after each thirty minutes and how it turns into an issue for them in proportioning it for the week. To settle the issue, Shilpa tries conversing with the damnation mates and lets them know that assuming that they continue requesting for nourishment they will be left without any by the finish of the week.

He remarked that Kushal is frantically enamored with Gauahar and that he is flying buzzing around since he is enamored with her. Indeed, the other hellfire mates were seen indicating their disappointment over Asif's remarks on Kushal and Gauahar's fellowship.

In the first endeavor Armaan and Kushal sneak onto the paradise side and alarm the paradise mates and return. Kamya, who is the skipper of the week, comes and cautions them that the repercussions of their demonstration will be truly awful. However the damnation mates were in a malicious temperament and chose to sneak in again and take the sustenance. This time Armaan, Kushal and Asif slipped into the paradise side through the through the window that was made for the exchange of nourishment from paradise to heck. Be that as it may exactly when they were going to open the cooler to take the nourishment, the alert went off and every living soul in the house woke up.

At the same time after some demands, the paradise mates yielded and gave them breakfast. Be that as it may, the genuine discipline originated from Bigg Boss when he took all the couches far from the heck mates. Later throughout the day, Bigg Boss declared the selections and called the competitors to give names of two hopefuls who ought to be designated.

Later in the nighttime when the young men from the heck side solicited Bigg Boss to give back the young ladies their couches back, Bigg Boss concurred, however on a condition that one of the young men will use the night in an enclosure. The point when Armaan volunteered to pull out all the stops, the damnation mates rejected and said that they don't need the cots yet Armaan felt free to sat in the cell the entire night, while the young ladies got their couches back.


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