Bigg Boss 7: Annoyed Tanisha hit Kushal & Kushal escape house tonight!

Bigg Boss 7: In Day 38 Episode… Yesterday the fights between Armaan Kohli and the other housemates or tiffs between the inmates. However, the tiff or fights never forced any of the inmates to leave the house but in a recent sneak peek from the Bigg Boss house, Kushal was seen leaving the house in the night after he had a fight with Tanishaa.

Sources said, in the next day of the luxury budget task, Tanishaa and others including Kamya, Elli, Andya and Vivek were performing their task and Kushal was trying his best to annoy Tanishaa so that she loses her task. He dropped water and pieces of paper on her, making Tanishaa lose her temper and as a result she hit Kushal. Kushal tried to defend him but Gauhar stopped Kushal from reacting and asked Bigg Boss to take action against the violence.

However, Tanishaa's behavior towards Kushal was not taken into consideration by Bigg Boss and so Kushal decided to run away from the house. Gauhar tried to stop him and other housemates also but he does not listen to any of them and leaves. This might have seriously given his fans the shock of their lives as they did not want their favorite contestant to go away from the Bigg Boss house.

So, will Bigg Boss take any decision in order to stop Kushal or will he achieve something in running away from the house.

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