Bigg Boss 7 Active Reaction TV v/s Social Media

Popular reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss 7′ on Colors, has grabbing full of attention of Indian as well as U.K audience , This season is the top watched show on Asian television.

Last year Bigg Boss opening was 6.4 million viewers and this year it is 7.7 million viewers : CEO Raj Nayak stated.

On the show, Most watched an episode called “Weekend Ka Wow with Salman Khan”.
The recent episode of Salman Khan at Weekend ka Wow episode slammed Kushal for being bad-mannered to Tanisha and his challenge to break away from the reality show house after a fight during a task this weekend.

Gauhar can’t stop to say Salman was "unfair" that unleashed a series of exchange between the host and Gauhar. Salman lost his cool and asked Gauhar "not to butt in" while he is talking to Kushal.
There are thousand of Salman's fans believed that the actor was a bit "unfair" on Kushal by taking Tanisha's side. Even it was hashtag called “UnfairSalman” trending in India on Twitter.

However Salman also used Twitter to explain his flare-up against 'Bigg Boss 7' contestant Kushal Tandon. Even Salman had claimed that Kushal's action may force him to not return as Bigg Boss host next season, said his anger was genuine. Salman Khan has replied and reacted on some of the criticism on a Twitter. Let’s have a look.
In some of last episodes it seemed that the wicked side of Salman is less spongy on Tanisha Mukherji. Hearsay was wiewers may also see Salman's support for Tanisha as something pushed by Devgn or his family and unfair towards the contestant!
Gauhar was saying the word “unfair” Online media was buzzing after the episode and many labeled #UnfairSalman. They were disappointed the way he is snubbing Gauhar and at the same time asking Kushal to respect women.
This incident proved; how “Bigg Boss 7” is active on tv as well as social media, here one line we remembering which Raj Nayak the CEO of Colors tweeted...

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