Bigg Boss 7: 15 October 2013 - Day 30 - Watch Devils win, Angels mope Full Episode (HD)

Watch Devis win, Angels mope Day 30 Episode, Bigg Boss house was a battlefield today.

Bigg Boss gave luxury budget task to the housemates in which hell mates have to take over the heaven by replacing 5 silver medals with black ones. Gauhar oversee the task to see everything is fair.

Task starting Armaan saving the medal pushes Apurva. Shilpa gets angry on Armaan and warns him not to touch her husband.

Andy tortures Asif who is protecting the medal by making him smell dirty socks and clothes. Asif doesn’t get affected.

Kushal gets shaving foam and puts on Tanishaa to which Gauahar objects and tells him not to do this.

At the end devils from jahannum are successful in taking over the Jannat. Gauahar announces that devils have won. Bigg Boss asks the heaven mates to go out of the house and stay near the pool for the whole night as a punishment.

Let’s watch how the devils went about winning this interesting battle.

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