Bigg Biss 7 Episode (Day 17) Full Episode in HD Video

2 October 2013, Bigg Boss 7 (Day 17) Episode: In this episode, Bigg Boss tells everyone that he has found one more cure against the virus. He calls Armaan and Asif to come in the laboratory. He tells them that they have to shave some part of the hair of two contestants from Jahannam. They choose Apoorva and Sangram. Meanwhile, Shilpa tells Apoorva that he should refuse from carrying out the task. Later, Bigg Boss introduces one more task to the house members. Watch the complete day 17 episode hd video on Bigg Boss Online to know what happens next.

After the super successful Bigg Boss-6, the Baap of all show is back this year with Bigg Boss Saath 7. This year the show has a mind-blowing concept of Jannat and Jahannam (Heaven and Hell) with Salman Khan as its anchor once again. Apart from dividing the house into two completely contrasting parts, introduction of a Warden is another unique twist to the show. The contestants will have a taste of two contradictory treats, Jannat Ka Wow and Jahannam ka Oww.

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