Armaan Kohli passed entire night in a cage but failed!

Bigg Boss 7 Day 23, In the episode, the beds from the Jahannum House were taken away. Bigg Boss decided to return the bedding for the girls provided that Armaan, Kushal or Asif will have to spend the whole night in the cage, that had been kept outside. Armaan volunteers to sit the whole night in the cage while Tanisha valiantly decides to accompany him through the whole night. Armaan was seen getting fidgety as he had been sitting in the cage for a very long time while incurring for how long will he have to sit but he was not getting any reply. Frustrated, he engaged in a verbal spat with Asif as Asif laughed at his condition while Tanisha was seen chiding Asif for insensitivity.

After a lot of requests and no answer, an upset Tanisha took matters into her own hands and decided to let
Armaan out of the cage. Later in the day, Bigg Boss called Armaan in the confession room, and told him that he was very close to completing his task, but he failed in the same. So Bigg Boss told him that he is giving him another chance to fulfill his punishment.

Click the full episode to see all drama for money.

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