Armaan Kohli committed to 500 girls! Tanya | Tanisha!

Armaan Kohli, Who has turned out to be one of the most controversial contestants in Bigg Boss 7. He is popular by his anger: Bigg Boss contestants said. First Andy, Second Kamya, Third Asif and now its turn to newly entered Viveik Mishra.

Everyone is talking about Armaan & Tanisha’s relationship but not many are aware of Armaan and girl name Tanya sigh’s relationship. When Viveik known Tanya for last five years tells Armaan that his closeness to Tanisha hasn’t gone down with Tanya Singh. But Armaan barking him and ask him to stay out of his personal matter.

Arman tells Viveik Mishra
"Agar engagement karunga toh seena thok ke karunga aur Hindustan ke saamne karunga"
"Meri girlfriend meri problem hai, mai chahoon toh rakhunga, main nahi chhaoon toh bahar jaake kahatm kar doonga."
“Mujhe meri personal life mei koi interfere na karey."

The interesting statements is Vivek asks Armaan about his commitment to Tanya, Armaan clearly says on the camera that he had committed to 500 girls in the past. To this Vivek says "Tanya ne mujhe bola ki Armaan ne mujhe ring pehnai, Armaan ne mujhe girlfriend banaya." "Aaap dikha do agar maine koi ek bhi ring di ho," Armaan reply angrily.

500 girls! Really! Do you think so give your comments below… (really!!! :) )

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