Armaan ki chaabi Tanishaa ke haath main

Bigg Boss 7 Day 21 midnight, When all the bigg boss contestants was sleeping, Kushal Tandob, Gauhar Khan and Armaan gets hungry and plan to steal the burgers which “Bigg Boss” given them, they found the small window to go into heaven side for the food.

One by one, Asif, Armaan and Kushal skid through the small window on heaven side and politely open the fridge grab the burgers but sudden alarm went off and every contestant of Bigg Boss 7 house woke up.  The recent captain of the bigg boss house Kamya Punjabi came to shocked and notified Jahannumwasis that if they try nagging again, the backlash will be bad for them and they won’t get breakfast in the next day morning. But Bigg Boss apply punishment before captain could! Bigg Boss took away all the beds of the hahannumwasis.

Day 22 - In the episode, The contestants are requested ‘Bigg Boss’ to give at least the girls their bed, Bigg Boss agreed to return the girls’ mattresses, but on the condition that one of the males would stay in a small cage in the garden area till Bigg Boss’ next order. Asif and Kushal both volunteered, but Armaan refused to listen to them and went and sat in the small cage.

When Armaan volunteered to go for it, the hell-mates refused and said that they don’t want the beds. But Armaan went ahead and sat in the cage, while the girls got their beds in back.

Andy found it really funny that Tanishaa was the key bearer for the cage, and taunted her by saying ‘Armaan ki chaabi Tanishaa ke haath main’, which earned him a warning from Tanishaa about getting a slap!


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