Apurva, The Ideal Man of Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee)

The real life couple is being an ideal couple for Pratyusha now! Shilpa and Apurva seem to be the cutest couple in the Bigg Boss 7 house. They almost passed 10 years now but still loving each other like newlywed couple.

Pratyusha, Who inspired by this couple and dare to ask Shilpa about their love story, and Shilpa get change to promote his love story thru Bigg Boss and tell Pratuysha that she met Apoorva from mutual friends (not facebook). And first met on the sets of his popular show when she had come to have lunch with her friend.

Shilpa also called him to be khadus at that time but she suddenly started liking him, they occasionally meet and eventually fell in love… meanwhile Pratyusha is assuming her ideal man like Apurva. Yes because after listening to shilp’s story, Pratyusha  tells her that she also wishes to get married soon if she finds an ideal husband and Sonu like Apurva.


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