Anita Advani does away with from Bigg Boss 7

Anita says while she had a great familiarity wat some stage in her three-week-long stay in the house, she ousting was premature.

Anita says even though she had a great experience during her three-week-long stay in the house, her ousting was premature.

"I had a great experience in such a small duration. But I hope I could have been there for a much longer period. The reason I feel

I got out is because I would not indulge in games and politics like other members of the house," Anita said after her eviction.
Before entering the house Anita had said that she would love to show people her real self on the show. However, Anita does not think she was successful in her endeavour.

"Since the stay was so short, I am not sure if people understood who I really am. I hope some people did," Anita said.
The other contestants who were nominated this week for eviction were Gauhar Khan, VJ Andy, Asif Azim and Elli Avram.

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