Andy disturb with Sangram

We have been enjoying the bromance between Andy and Sangram from day 1 but now it looks like their bromance has hit a rough patch.

Andy is bothered with Sangram now because Sangram keeps commenting on Andy which Andy feels is insulting. Andy has been clear about his good friends in the house and Sangram is always a part of that list but now he feels he is taken for granted by Sangram.

Sangram has made harsh comments in front of others which Andy has not liked and he has even told this to Sangram but Sangram continues to do it. Andy told the reason of his angst to Shilpa and he also said that even he can be harsh and rude to Sangram it’s just that he chooses not to because he thinks Sangram is a friend.

Will Sangram realize that he is losing a friend? Will Andy learn to make peace with Sangram? Keep watching this space to know more.


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