After Salman notification; Vivek being overfriendly?

Bigg Boss 7 – The most reality cum controversial shows in India, As last week episode Viveik got notified by Salman to get close with contestants and make some viewable content to grab some attention to stay in Bigg Boss House.

After Viveik’ s dramatic entry in the Bigg Boss 7 house as a wildcard contestant. Viveik got next to well with Pratyusha and Kamya, revealing their old friendship. He was seen spending time with them and also thrashing out about their personal issues.

But Kamya and Pratyusha do not seem to like Viveik’s behavior. They are seen discussing the fact that Viveik is getting too-close-too-soon. He always sticks around with them unnecessarily which makes them uncomfortable. Pratyusha and Kamya also feel that he goes around the house claiming that he is best friends with them but he shares a similar equation with other housemates.

It’s not just Pratyusha and Kamya… Vivek has been annoying other housemates for some or the other reason.

Looks like he will have to take a lot of efforts to get along with the housemates and grab some video footage!

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