When Shah Rukh Khan snored and Salman off to bed

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan leaves no chance to make fun of his competitor Shah Rukh Khan. In last Weekend Ka Wow episode of Bigg Boss 7, Salman revealed that Shah Rukh word at full volume. While viewing think it's funny, we hope that it doesn’t give oil in fire to another war of words between the two biggest khans of Bollywood.

Salman who revealed unravel Shah Rukh Khan’s snoring habit. He summons up an incident when both SRK and Sallu were shooting for Karan Arjun and both of them share a room with Sohail Khan and Bunty Walia. While they all are tried to sleep SRK’s was snoring so loudly and they all can’t sleep and first they are laughing of him but than they’de not get a sleep than Salman pushed him off to bed to stop his snores… hope this story read by SRK and give back a solid reply.


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