VJ Andy & Gauhar Khan are real idiots: Rajat Rawail

Rajat Rawail has been disqualified from the Bigg Boss house, but not without his share of drama. The actor-producer, who entered the house with a lot of enthusiasm, would often burst into tears saying he isn’t able to handle due to his health problems.

On the other hand, not everyone was convinced of Rajat’s poor health. Rajat’s housemate Andy, for instance, often suspected that he was faking it for sympathy. Rajat says, “Andy is a real idiot. He’s a typical VJ who is fired for TRPs. He is over-educated about TV but this knowledge does not work in Bigg Boss. Gauhar is another idiot who thinks she is over-smart but will be shown her place by contestants like Kamya Punjabi.”

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