Tanisha - The first captain of the Bigg Boss 7 House

Bigg Boss Day 5 (20 SEP 2013) episode started with a declaration of electing a captain for the house. Apurva and Gauhar were called into the confession room to give two names from heaven-mates who could become a captain. After much discussion, Tanisha and Andy's name were suggested. Afterward, in the day, only heaven-mates were asked to cast a vote and elect the captain. And, Tanisha won captaincy by six votes.

After a while, 'Bigg Boss' also gave the inmates a chance to celebrate as he introduced them to the wishing wall. The heaven-mates can put forward their wishes in front of the wall and 'Bigg Boss' would try to fulfill any two wishes. Upon hearing this, the hell-mates got miffed and Kushal also cast his demand of using the gym. He took off his mike and also threatened to leave the house if his demand was not met. But, later Tanisha made him understand that hell-mates can't get what they want and for that to happen he will have to make his move to jannat. Kushal later understood the situation and finally wore his mike. With so much happening in the house and evictions around the corner, it would be interesting to see what will happen next in the house.


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