Spotted new love birds, Kushal, Gauhar in Bigg Boss 7 House [Photos]

People are thinking and questing about Rajat Rawail but on the other hand Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan who started thinking that Rajat is only grabbing the eyeballs, apart from that Kushal & Gauhar are enjoying their stay in Bigg Boss 7 house away too much. They are on foot falls on next Ashmit and Veena Malik of the Bigg Boss 7 house. The two find reasons to stay in each other's company and always spend most of the time together.

Recently, Gauhar hurt her hand and Kushal was seen treatment to her with extreme care and of course love! Seems like what Arman Kohli accused Kushal of 'pataaongi ladki with his speech' is finally becoming true.

It seems the experienced Arman already guessed the situation right! Here are some of the pictures of Kushal and Gauhar enjoying each other's company in Bigg boss 7's house.

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