Icy | Cold vibes between Gauhar and Kamya

Bigg Boss 7 taking more and more attraction of viewers, even geared up for the worst after Gauhar khan had nominated herself and Kushal as worthy contestants to be transferred on the Heaven side.

Kamya Punjabi felt Gauhar Khan did not take the right decision. She even voiced her deviation to the show's host Salman over the weekend.

Kamya Punjabi felt Apoorva Agnihotri deserved to be on the Heaven side.

The icy war now escalates to an ugly level. While Gauhar is preparing tea for everyone in the house, Kamya tells Shilpa that she would prefer taking tea from her.

If you are a regular viewer of Bigg Boss 7, you cannot have missed the icy, cold vibes between Gauhar and Kamya.

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