Hazel Keech First elimination in Bigg Boss 7

Today 21 SEP 2013, Weekend ka wow with Salman Khan.

Contestants from Jahannum: Kushal Tandon, Pratyusha Banerjee, Kamya Punjabi, Elli Avram, Hazel Keech and Ratan Rajput are nominated for exile in Bigg Boss house. Salman declared that Hazel Keech will be homeless today. It is just because Pratyusha Banerjee cannot be dispossessed, since she has huge fans followings.

Recently, it is said that her ex-boyfriend Makrand Malhotra may enter Bigg Boss house. There may be lot of spice added to the show if the ex-flames are in the house together. So there is no chance of  Pratyusha's eviction. Kushal Tandon, Kamya Punjabi and Ratan Rajput have a good amount of support from their fans, and so they may not get eliminated from the show in the first eviction.

Hence, it is a tie between Elli Avram and Hazel, since they are a foreign national and may have less support.
Elli has already started drama of crying in the Bigg Boss house, so we can expect drama from her. But Hazel, the British actress and model, who was seen with Salman Khan in the movie Bodyguard, seems to boring the audience. In social networking sites and forum, it has been discussed that Hazel is boring and she may or will be getting eliminated today.


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