Don’t take too lightly Anita Advani as weak contestant

Rajesh Khanna & Anita Advani
For Bigg Boss 7, Anita gets in touch with Bollywood PR Guru Dale Bhagwagar, gave best advise to Anita was to be herself on the show.

The Publicist Dale Bhagwagar stated “Anita has a lot of inner strength and can bounce back with great clarity. Basically, she’s a fighter, so don’t underestimate her as a weak contestant just because of the overflowing sentiments or tears”.

Bollywood PR Guru
Dale clarifies, “Many contestants go on Bigg Boss with an agenda. Normally, there is a PR plan in place to help them reach the finals. But Anitaji has gone there to face her past and move on in life. There is no plan; no agenda. Neither am I handling her PR while she is in Bigg Boss. So, to be

herself, was the best advice I could have given her, knowing well the person she is.”
For the record, Dale was himself invited as a contestant for BB7, but he chose not to take it up.
Now, let’s see how far Anita Advani goes without a PR plan in Bigg Boss.


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