"Comey Nights with Kapil" can possible on Bigg Boss 7?

Tragedy hit comedian Kapil Sharma to make the ends of his show meet for the coming few weeks.

Kapil has played a fantastic host to almost every star in Bollywood will be frantically looking for a top over his show, after Rs. 20 crore set of Comedy Nights with Kapil was gutted by fire on Wednesday morning.

Not only was this tragedy a blow to producer Kapil but also to the fans who were eagerly waiting for the weekend episode of the funny show.

The pictures of the overcooked set clearly deem it unfit for another shoot.

There are two option can keep Kapil Sharma’ show running in the days to come.

The first option that Kapil has been to re-build the set in flat 8 days. However this seems difficult because the set is insured and the insurance company cannot let the rebuilding starts unless it is done with its investigation.

The second option that Kapil is to shoot on the sets of Bigg Boss 7 after making few superficial changes as Bigg Boss 7's set is only used from Monday to Thursday. Weekends the Salman Khan episodes are telecast.

Third option is that Kapil and his family can shoot in front of a green screen and later merge the set.

According to unconfirmed reports Kapil may choose to shoot in Filmistan studios but making the set on such short notice looks a little far-fetched.

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