Bigg Boss wishing wall for heaven pals [VIdeo]

Bigg Boss 7 Day 5 episode was filled action packed dram, as Gauhar moves Jannat to jahannum, the hose hell-mates adjusting her. Kushal is demanding more and more requirement in hell-house but
The residents are vault by the rules of the house. Living with boundaries is the rule. There is no choice for the 14 participants but to mind them and learn to live with many of their demands not being met. Bigg Boss house is known for its rules and limitations.

The twist of this season in a big boss house in Lonavala has been offered a special wishing wall where the heaven-mates can talk out their wishes and demands and if Bigg Boss is in a really good mood some of these wishes could get fulfilled as well.

This twist really makes the big boss contestant little happy but it is only for jannat vaasis, Bigg Boss was flooded with demands from everybody. Foodie Andy wished for a scrumptious meal while Rajat cried while wishing to meet his little daughter & some coffee.

Bigg boss gave Alvera juice and coffee due to wishing wall requirements, In addition big boss tell Tanisha to ask bigg boss contestants to maintain the situation and don’t try to warn Bigg boss than her request to apoorva and Kushal to with the meek don’t bash with Bigg boss. The guys replied don’t be & don’t talk as captain! Tanisha politely replied instead of asking requirement try to move in Jannat.

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