Bigg Boss added Cry Babies Category after Faddist & Pansy

Anita Advani
Bigg Boss the biggest controversial reality show fetches faddist such as Dolly Bindra and Poooja Mishra, or pansy Imam Siddique and VJ Andy, This is not end, Seem with Bigg Boss Season 7 a new category added to the show cry babies like Aashka Goradia and Season 7’s Anita Advani has happened peeling snuffle at the drop of a hat, and sometimes for not reason at all.

Anita Advani: Cuckoo Kaki:

Advanis are not having a good time. L.K. in Delhi feels what was rightfully his was snatched by a popular usurper. Anita in Mumbai thinks the same. She is fighting a legal battle with Akshay Kumar and family for usurping Rajesh Khanna's legacy, and property. It was a coup of sorts, to get Akshay Kumar and the cuckoo-over-Kakaji Anita auntie in the same episode of the show. She was Kaka's companion in his lonely last years, after Dimple left Aashirwad. She moved in with the man she had accused of sexual assault when she was kid. She admired him and loved him. He needed someone to take care of him. She was living-in with him, so after Kaka passed away she wanted to live in Aashirwad. But Dimple and son-in-law Akshay got her evicted. She is the oldest in a house full of failed actors, including her elderly self.

Bigg Boss Advise: Auntie, hold on to those tears. Remember Kaka said: Pushpa, I hate tears re!


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