Bigg Boss 7 Day 9 - Tanishaa Angry on Andy

Start of the its second week in Bigg Boss house. Day 9, the housemates are asked to do a new task. The Warden (female voice) announces the task which is a 'Clock task', leaving the house mates very excited about it. The hell-mates had to keep a tab of every minute and manually count every second to make an hour. After every hour has passed, they had to display the exact time on the clock and wait for the Warden to announce if they have registered the correct time.

Prior to the task, Andy and Tanisha fight with each other over the daily works that the heaven mates have to perform. Tanishaa is angry with Andy as he fails to do his part of the work on time. Andy could not take Tanisha’s remarks and gives it back to her instantly further rich down by Shilpa’s intrusion. She asks them to stick together and understand each other and not fight over such petty issues.

While the hell-mates are performing the task, the people on the heaven side have to distract them and divert their attention. According to the rule, at any time only two people from the hell side can do the counting. Initially, they didn’t manage to get the time right, but after a few trial and errors, Gauhar and Kushal get the time right and score their first point.

They further carry on the task in different combinations of two and get it right for the second time as well. Andy is seen taking an active interest in the task and is screaming and howling on top of his voice. Joining him is Sangram who is banging utensils to distract the hell-mates. While doing this, Sangram by mistake calls Kamya ‘bechari’ causing her to lash out at him. She asks him to carry on with his task and not use such words for her. Sangram later realizes his mistake and apologizes to her.

Later in the evening, Rajat arrives while the task is on and is seen pointing out the mistakes of the hell-mates and unknowingly helping them. 
To this Arman reacts and asks Rajat to go back and take a rest. They are seen arguing over this and Rajat break into tears. 
He tries to explain Arman that the noise they are making outside is bothering him as he is feeling sick.

The day comes to an end with the hell-mates continuing to do the task through the night as the heaven-mates are still leading with two points.


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