Andy got "Why Rajesh Khanna not married Anita"

Anita Advani, who claims to be Rajesh Khanna’s live-in partner, sharing in front of VJ Andy, Another housemate about experiences with late superstar Rajesh Khanna on the show. Anita spoke about how she had known Rajesh Khanna since childhood and deeply love with him.

Kaka was a gem of a person, said Anita. She briefed why couldn’t get married?

Because Rajesh Khanna couldn’t get married Anita because he wasn’t divorced. Rajesh Khanna was married to Dimple Kapadia, After staying together for 10 years, they started living separately but they never dignified their separation.

Rajesh Khanna had died in July 2012, and Anita had sent a notice to the late superstar's family for allegedly evicting her from his bungalow after his death.

She confessed that she is in the Bigg Boss house to overcome her depression after Rajesh Khanna's death.

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