Ajay apparently asked Salman to take personal care of Tanishaa

Ajay Devgan & Tanishaa Mukherji
Tanishaa Mukherji is a Hindi, Marathi, Bengali Telugu and Tamil actress, Who is one among the fifteen contestant in Bigg Boss 7

We heard from sources that Kajol (Sister of Tanisha) Tanuja (Mother of Tanisha) and Ajay Devgan (Brother in law of Tanisha) were not happy about Tanishaa joined Bigg Boss house, As per them opinion tanishaa would unable to handle the drama in the Bigg boss house.

Ajay Devgan has apparently told his Good friend Salman Khan to take personal attention of Tanishaa. Salman being a good friend of Ajay Devgan instucted the production and crew team to keep a close eye on Tanishaa and her requirements.

You must be aware of how Tanishaa get the responsibility to decide the fate of other housemates that wherther they will be on the heaven or hell section of the Bigg Boss House.

We shocked was that too due to Ajay’s special request?

Whatever now all set, the point is Tanishaa will surely get some extra privileges if we compare with other housemates. Now lets see how other housemates tolerate this special treatment.. ;)

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