Salman Khan - The Only Bigg Boss of TV

Aka. Salman Khan has thoroughly enjoyed with the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. You must be heard "Salman Khan Paid Rs 1.3 Billion For Bigg Boss 7" but compare to last episode he charged same! let me explain: last season he charged 2.5 cr per episode and this season he double the amount per episode but instead of that he is playing double role; first time in reality show!

Khan hosted the 4th season of ‘Bigg Boss’ but gave a pass in the fifth season. Though, he made an appearance at the grand finale in that season, which was hosted by his friend, co-actor Sanjay Dutt. Salman Khan returned as the host in the sixth season, and now will continue to host in the seventh season too.

Salman is a big draw in the show, because people now know the name "Bigg Boss" because of the name "Salman Khan" and surely helps with improving the TRPs. And i don't think it is bigger news is "Salman Khan will command Rs 5 crores (Rs 50 million) per episode in this season" after all people are eagar to see him on tv/show. He continues since these long seasons that means channel knows better.

Let’s hope Salman Khan’s involvement in ‘Bigg Boss’ doubles the eyeballs the show receives.


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