Sidhu reminisces about the legend of the cricketing world!

Navjot Singh Sidhu, recognized for his peace creating methods on Colors' Bigg Boss, reminisces about Sachin Tendulkar: the legend of the cricketing globe!

In an interesting anecdote, Sidhu shares moments from the background of Indian cricket particularly about Sidhu's first tour with Tendulkar in Pakistan in 1989.

Within the Bigg Boss house, Sidhu talks concerning the India Vs Pakistan match exactly where India was almost losing the game with a score of 24-4. Sidhu was batting with Ravi Shastri who got out to a bouncer by Waquar Younis and the score became 24-5. Sidhu was intimidated by the fierce Waquar Younis & Wasim Akram. When Sachin came out to bat, the initial ball he faced was a bouncer that hit Sachin's nose and he started bleeding profusely. The young gun did not get scared and matched eye to eye with the scary Waquar Younis!

Sidhu also revealed that he did not have the guts to look into Waquar's eyes and he would literally look at the sky every time Waquar looked. Sachin was so brave that having a bleeding nose filled with cotton wool, Sachin walked up to Sidhu and said, "Main Khelega". Sidhu was shell shocked by the youngster's guts! Well, India ended up saving face as the match came to a draw and Sachin ended up scoring 57 not out and Sidhu scored 97 not out!

The duo surely saved the day! For more such fascinating pieces on your favoruite contestants, keep reading this space for more!


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