Salman Khan Was Indignant With Last Season Of Bigg Boss

The Biggest reality show Bigg Boss season 6 hosted by Salman Khan is all set to become aired on October 7.

Asked concerning the complete return to the show because the its hosst, Salman replies, “Last time my dates got a little messed up like it has occurred with Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) this time. I'm stuck also but a minimum of I'm going to be away for a bit after which back right here. But with Sanju, there are only outdoors happening, else he would have already been a part of the show too.”

Speaking concerning the distinctive elements from the show the Channel has confirmed the news that this time the controversial and also the vulgarity level has been decreased so that it is suitable for loved ones screening.

These changes have been brought from the Channel at the request of Salman Khan. Talking on the problem about him becoming an ad-visor instead of an anchor he said, “It was never meant to be that way. But I was Indignant with last season’s content and with people concocting fights and arguments simply to get observed. There was a public backlash and I could totally understand it simply because even I was against it. The whole 11 O’clock attitude put me off. In reality, more than half of it was not aired simply because I told them. But I watch the show. So when I go there to talk to these guys, I cannot truly switch to being only a host.”

He additional comments that the channel will not direct the people to constraint their temperaments. “From what we have observed so far, we feel the individuals who go in will react differently towards the situations, when in comparison to the prior participants. But you do not know human nature… when you are with individuals you have by no means been with before - you wake up with them, you have breakfast with them, you play cards with them, you talk with them all of the while - you cannot predict how each individual will behave and react! There's no format to behaviour.”

The show may also be aired at 9 pm rather than 11 pm on Monday to Sunday. Meanwhile, two inmates have already been decided - a talking Macaw named Radhe along with a fish.

The speaking Macaw is named following a popular Salman character and can be Bigg Boss’s messenger within the house.

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